4 Types of Lingerie You Need To Try

Finding the right panties and bra to go under your party dress can be a trouble. Moreover, if you have plans to make a man happy after the party, the pressure of finding good lingerie is incredible. This is why are trying to help you by suggesting 6 types of Lingeries that will blow your mind (and his mind of course).


These are our all time favorite. They are slim, hidden, sexy and look gorgeous on a woman with any kind of body. If you are planning to wear a bodycon dress and do not wish to show underwear lines, a thong is what you need. Its soft lines and edges remain concealed even under the tightest shorts or jeans. Plus, it is the hottest of the sexy panties. What else could a woman need?

Seamless Panties

If thongs are way too sexy for you, seamless panties is another option that you can check out. These hide perfectly under your bodycon and other tight dresses. They are soft, seamless (thus the name) and cling to your body for the perfect fit. However, sometimes, if you are reckless with your sitting posture, the panties can show up unexpected lines earning you brownie points among men.

Push up Bras

These bras are like the bad boys of the neighborhood. They literally push up your breasts and make them look fuller which in turn make you hot and a hit. These are perfect for times when you wear a dress that allows you to show your beautiful breasts. These bad boys can help you elevate your cleavage so you look bustier than normal.

Strapless Bodysuits

This is like a bra and panties fused together to create a delicious piece of lingerie that is not just practical but a treat to wear. Strapless bras are great if you have strapless dresses. However, if you have a heavy bust, you have already gone through the pain of pulling your bra from the south to keep your boobs in the right place every now and then. Strapless bodysuits save you the effort and embarrassment of pulling your bra where it is meant to be. A strapless bodysuit supports your breasts the way it should and hugs the rest of the body to maintain the beauty of the dress you wear..

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