How Do You Pick Panties When Buying?

Buying a panty is easier said than done. A lot of thought and research goes into shopping for the perfect piece of panty that is comfortable, fits nicely, hides under the dress and looks adorable in case you get lucky. A supermodel from Canada shares her panty buying guide.


I am nick picky when it comes to panties. Fabric matters to me more than anything else. I take my time to research and go through the whole rack before I pick something. I know when I like something. It can be anything from cotton to nylon, but it has to sensual and hot. Also, knowing when am I going to wear the panty helps me make my decision on the fabric.


Being a supermodel comes with its own perks. I have a lot of panties in different styles. Many are gifted by companies looking for free promotion on social media but a sizeable chunk includes the panties I have picked from around the world. My favorite panties are thongs because they hide perfectly under the dress and do not produce panty lines. Plus, they feel good when you go out on a date.


This is the last preference. I am not so picky when it comes to colors. However, I ensure that I have at least one panty that matches with each of my dress. This way I am free to wear whatever I want and still never end up in a thick. For recommendations, I would suggest picking plain panties if you are looking for a pair of underwear to be worn under dresses and a flashy, bright color if you are planning to make a man happy.

Ok, so these were three factors that influence my buying decision. Other than that, I do not care about the brand as long as the panty is comfortable and feels rich..

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