How To Choose A Hot Lingerie?

Choosing lingerie can be a daunting task. First, there are so many types and second, finding the perfect size can be tricky. Right now, we are going to look at a few things that will help you understand the things that you should keep in mind before you place an order.

Your Body Type

The first thing to consider is your body shape and type. Everybody is different and hence require a different kind of support. Now, not every lingerie will support your body. This means that there can be some lace teddy lingerie that looks beautiful, but your body shape might not be the one that can support it. Also, if you are buying a body for marriage, make sure that the lingerie you select, supports your real body shape and not the wedding ready, artificially treated body shape.

It Should be Comfortable

Next thing to consider before finalizing lingerie is that it should make you feel confident and positive about your body. Wearing lingerie is a big deal and accept it. Not every girl has the confidence to show off her beautiful body. So, if you do, you can pick anything but if you do not, pick lingerie that shows only enough assets that do not make you lose confidence.

It Should be Flirty

Lingerie is the most feminine piece of intimate wear and if it’s not evoking passion in your man, it’s just not right. Thus, ensure that the color, patterns, feel, look, cut and style of the lingerie is seductive, flirty and provoking.

Do Not Compromise on Quality

ALways invest in Lingerie that feels good to touch and on the skin. You do not want to end up buying lingerie that does not feel good. Such lingerie is only going to be a wastage of your precious time and money.

Choice of Color


The color of the lingerie matters as much as the style. Lingerie is available in several colors. If you are getting one for after wedding nights, white is the color you need and if you are buying it for the date nights, it can be red, blue or black. For crazy times, yellows and greens are perfect, and if you are going to enslave a man and turn him into your toy boy, nothing beats black..

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