Lingerie Can Help You Explore Your 50 Shades of Grey

If you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend catching the action first and then deciding if you should read the rest of the post. In case you have seen the movie and you are up for a game, here is how lingerie can help you explore your own 50 shades.

Do we all agree that lingerie is sexy and it makes women look hot and desirable? Yes, we do. Now that we are on the same page, let’s take it from the bottom.

If the lady is the sub

When the girl is a sub, the fun starts with the right lingerie. The lingerie has to be slutty and sexy. It should turn on a man and make him want the lady. When he is the commanding position, he should have enough open places to play with her body. He should be able to touch her, feel her and punish her on the skin. This is where the fun in this game begins. Next, take care of the fetish. If there is a fetish involved like latex, the lingerie should be latex and so on. You can also include more toys like collars on her and a tail if you know.

If the lady is the dom

In case the lade is the one in power, she can still wear lingerie but now it should only be classy. A little revealing but just enough to let the rest to the imagination of her sub. Again, take care of the kinks involved. Wear high heels and let your sub know that he has all the right to (only) imagine whatever he wants to do with the lady.

In both cases, the idle color will be either black or red. You can also go for other colors as long as they are bright and shiny. Do not spoil the moment by wearing boring lingerie. If you are unsure about the lingerie, you can opt for a sexy pair of bra and panty. Thongs make for an exciting statement in this case.

Finally, do not forget the safe word..

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