Santa Baby

The holidays are a great time to act out fantasies that might not work as well during other types of the year.

Made popular by the song, ‘Santa Baby’, many women have Santa fantasies that consist of sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him about her year so he can determine whether she has been naughty or nice. A naughty girl might get a spanking while a good girl might get another type of present.

Either way, this is sure to be a happy holiday for everyone involved.

While the Santa fantasy is a popular one, there are various other holiday themed role play ideas you can explore.

Have you ever wanted to get it on with an elf or reindeer? How about a Mr. and Mrs. Claus fantasy? These are all great ways to make your holidays even more enjoyable.

Of course, to make your holidays fantasy even more realistic, you can dress up in Christmas fashion. Fortunately, around this time of year, it is easy to find clothing that is appropriately sexy, festive and works to put both of you in the mood.

Christmas is a great time for all ho-ho-hos to live out their sex role playing character ideas in the most festive type of way. Here’s hoping you get everything you want for Christmas..

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